๐Ÿ”ณBittensor Network Roadmap

Strategic Steps for Integration and Expansion

Our strategic plan for advancing HotKey and its integration with Bittensor technology is organized into three key steps, with concurrent activities within each step:

1. Creating the Shortcut to Bittensor Technology

  • SubNet GitHub Repository: Launch a short-term GitHub repository for validators to access necessary information and tools for emission acquisition.

  • EVM Chain Development: Deploy our EVM-compatible chain on both testnet and mainnet, utilizing TAO as gas. This includes establishing bridges for seamless asset transfer between Ethereum (ETH) to BTS-20 tokens and BTS-20 to the Bittensor network.

  • AI Enhancements: Introduce AI capabilities trading tools and insights, for text and image processing, coupled with an API for external use. This step also involves a comprehensive update of the Subnet code to enable efficient GPU usage for AI tasks.

2. Inscribing Bittensor Shortcut onto the Bittensor Chain

  • Addressing Bittensor's Limitations: Acknowledging the current limitations of the Bittensor network in handling high transaction volumes and its lack of user-friendliness for mainstream adoption. Our initiative aims to bridge these gaps.

  • EVM Block Inscriptions: Implement the incorporation of EVM block inscriptions onto the Bittensor chain, giving the Bittensor team the necessary time to make adjustments and enhancements to support this integration.

3. Full Migration of the EVM Chain to Bittensor

  • EVM Compatibility and Migration: Allow time for Bittensor to develop EVM compatibility. The ultimate goal is to migrate our EVM chain to become a fully integrated extension of Bittensor's Layer 1 (L1) or to operate as a Layer 2 (L2) on the Bittensor network.

This roadmap is meticulously designed to align with the current capabilities and constraints of the Bittensor ecosystem, with a keen focus on facilitating mass adoption of TAO. By creating shortcuts to Bittensor's technology, our strategy brings Bittensor at the heart of an intuitive user interface and integrating tools familiar to retail investors. Our approach aims to leverage and enhance the Bittensor ecosystem, improving functionality and user experience, all while accommodating its limitations and driving widespread adoption.

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