Connecting TrustWallet on iOS: A Step-by-Step Guide

For iOS users looking to integrate TrustWallet with our platform, this guide provides a clear pathway to establishing a secure and efficient connection, ensuring you can start trading with ease.

Step-by-Step Connection Process:

  1. Launch the App:

    • Begin by opening our Web App on your iOS device and tap on the "Connect" option to initiate the wallet connection process.

  2. Navigate to WalletConnect:

    • You'll be directed to the WalletConnect interface. Here, choose the Trust Wallet icon to proceed with the connection.

  3. Authorize in TrustWallet:

    • A pop-up prompt will appear asking you to "Open" Trust Wallet. Select this option, and you may be required to authenticate, possibly using Face ID, to ensure secure access.

  4. Select Your Wallets:

    • Inside Trust Wallet, decide which specific wallets you wish to connect with our platform. You can select one or multiple based on your trading needs.

  5. Finalize Connection:

    • After selecting your wallets, tap on "Connect" at the bottom of the screen. This action links your selected Trust Wallet(s) to our platform.

  6. Return to the App:

    • Once the connection is established, navigate back to our app. You should now see that your Trust Wallet is successfully connected, and you're ready to trade.

Troubleshooting Tips:

In case you face issues with WalletConnect not initiating or Trust Wallet failing to load:

  1. Access Trust Wallet Settings:

    • Open Trust Wallet and go to the settings menu to find WalletConnect settings.

  2. End Previous Sessions:

    • Select "WalletConnect" within settings, and then choose to "End All WalletConnect Sessions." This action clears any existing sessions that might be causing conflicts.

  3. Attempt Reconnection:

    • After ending previous sessions, return to our app and try connecting your wallet again. This should resolve most connectivity issues.

Visual Guide:

A visual guide is available below to complement these instructions, providing a visual reference to assist you through each step.


Should you encounter any difficulties or have questions about connecting your TrustWallet on iOS, please reach out to our support team. We are here to ensure a smooth setup process for all our iOS users.

This guide is specifically designed to assist iOS users in connecting their TrustWallet to our platform, offering detailed instructions and troubleshooting advice to navigate the connection process seamlessly.