Swapping on Android Using MetaMask: A Step-by-Step Guide

This guide is tailored for Android users looking to conduct swaps using MetaMask on the HotKeySwap platform. Follow these steps to ensure a smooth and successful swap process.

Step-by-Step Swapping Process:

  1. Adjust Slippage Settings:

    • Before initiating a swap, adjust the slippage settings according to your preferences and the specific token's market conditions.

  2. Paste Token Contract:

    • Copy and paste the contract address of the token you intend to trade into the designated field on the HotKeySwap interface.

  3. Connect Your Wallet:

    • Select the option to connect your wallet. Choose 'WalletConnect' and then tap on 'MetaMask' to proceed.

  4. Authorize Connection:

    • A prompt will appear asking you to connect HotKeySwap to your MetaMask. Log into MetaMask if required, confirm the connection, and you'll be redirected back to the HotKeySwap app.

  5. Enter Purchase Amount:

    • Specify the amount of the desired coin you want to buy. Double-check this figure to ensure accuracy.

  6. Confirm and Execute Trade:

    • Once you've inputted the amount, confirm the trade. MetaMask will then prompt you to accept the gas payment. Review the transaction details carefully before approval.

  7. Trade Completion:

    • After accepting the gas fee, you'll be redirected back to the HotKeySwap interface. A confirmation message will display, indicating the trade is complete.

Additional Tips:

  • Network Compatibility: Ensure that MetaMask is set to the correct network that corresponds with the token you're trading.

  • Token Visibility: If the swapped token doesn't automatically show in your MetaMask wallet, you may need to add it manually by using the 'Add Token' feature and entering the token's contract address.

๐ŸŽฅ Video Tutorial:

For a visual step-by-step guide, watch the video below. It covers everything from pasting the token address to adjusting slippage and finalizing your swap.

For any issues encountered during the swap process or if further clarification is needed, our support team is available to assist. This guide aims to facilitate a seamless swapping experience on Android devices using MetaMask, empowering you to engage with the DeFi ecosystem effectively.

This guide provides Android users with clear, step-by-step instructions for swapping tokens using MetaMask on the HotKeySwap platform, ensuring a user-friendly experience for those engaging in DeFi transactions.