Rewards and Ecosystem Participation

Staking HotKey tokens offers a multitude of benefits, designed to reward users for their participation and support of the HotKey ecosystem. This page delves into the advantages of staking HotKey, highlighting the rewards and opportunities it presents.

$ETH Rewards from DEX Trading Fees:

In addition to $wTAO rewards, $HOTKEY stakers are also entitled to a share of the 1% trading fees collected from HotKeySwap's DEX transactions. These rewards are distributed in $ETH, providing a direct financial incentive for stakeholders and enhancing the overall value proposition of holding $HOTKEY tokens.

$wTAO Rewards from $TAO Emissions:

The Bittensor network generates $TAO emissions as a reward for contributing to the network's intelligence. HotKey's subnet participants, particularly $HOTKEY stakers, benefit from these emissions in the form of $wTAO rewards, acknowledging their contribution and investment in the network's growth.

Lifetime Referral Rewards:

In addition to emissions and trading fee rewards, HotKey introduces a compelling lifetime referral reward program. This initiative encourages long-term engagement and network growth by rewarding users for referrals with a continuous share of their referred trades, fostering a vibrant and expanding community. Enjoy 30% from the 1% trading fee when sharing your referral reward.

Staking HotKey tokens is more than just an investment; it's a gateway to becoming an integral part of the HotKey ecosystem. Staking offers a comprehensive set of benefits that reward users for their commitment and contribution to the platform's success.

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