HotKey's Subnet on Bittensor

Emissions and Rewards

HotKeySwap is at the forefront of leveraging the Bittensor network by operating its own subnet, enhancing the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem with a unique approach to rewards and emissions. This initiative underscores HotKey's commitment to integrating cutting-edge AI insights into DeFi, thereby enriching the trading experience for $HOTKEY token holders.

Role of Bittensor Subnets

At the core of the Bittensor network, subnets serve as the structural backbone, organizing the network into smaller, function-specific clusters of nodes. This segmentation into subnets enables a more efficient distribution of tasks and resources, with each subnet focusing on distinct functions such as computation, data storage, or AI model training, thereby optimizing performance and specialization.

HotKey and Bittensor: A Synergistic Partnership

Within this framework, HotKeySwap operates its subnet, contributing to the collective intelligence of the Bittensor network while benefiting from the decentralized AI capabilities it offers. This participation not only enhances HotKeySwap's trading insights and functionalities but also aligns with the broader objective of advancing decentralized AI applications in finance.

Governance and Security

Each Bittensor subnet, including HotKey's, adheres to a governance model that ensures fair participation, resource allocation, and adherence to common protocols. This structured governance, coupled with subnet-specific security measures, guarantees the integrity and reliability of the services provided, safeguarding against malicious activities and ensuring the protection of data and computations.

Interconnectivity and Collaboration

Despite the independent operation of individual subnets, Bittensor's architecture facilitates seamless communication and collaboration across the network. This interconnectedness is crucial for pooling resources and expertise from various subnets to address complex challenges, thereby enhancing the collective capability and efficiency of the network.

Emissions and Rewards Mechanism

$wTAO Rewards from $TAO Emissions: The Bittensor network generates $TAO emissions as a reward for contributing to the network's intelligence. HotKey's subnet participants, particularly $HOTKEY stakers, benefit from these emissions in the form of $wTAO rewards, acknowledging their contribution and investment in the network's growth.

Embracing Community Revenue Sharing

By running a subnet on Bittensor and implementing a dynamic rewards system, HotKey embodies the principles of Community Revenue Sharing. This new era of decentralized finance is characterized by its emphasis on sharing economies, diverse income streams, and the integration of advanced technologies like AI to create more informed and rewarding trading environments.


HotKey's active role within the Bittensor subnet ecosystem not only ushers in a new era for $HOTKEY token holders, offering AI-enhanced trading insights and diversified revenue streams through $wTAO rewards, but also marks a significant milestone in the fusion of decentralized finance and AI. Our commitment to pioneering the community revenue sharing landscape is unwavering, as we aim to deliver a novel and comprehensive income experience for the crypto enthusiast.

By leveraging the specialized, secure, and cooperative framework of Bittensor subnets, HotKey is elevating its platform with unparalleled AI-driven insights, thereby contributing to the development of a smarter, decentralized financial ecosystem.

HotKey SubNet not only enriches our platform but also sets the stage for groundbreaking DeFi solutions driven by the immense capabilities of decentralized AI.

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