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HotKeySwap Buy Notification Bot

Discover the HotKeySwap Buy Notification Bot, an innovative Telegram tool designed to enhance your trading community's experience. This bot can be effortlessly invited to any Telegram group, providing real-time buy notifications with a suite of customizable features to fit the unique vibe and needs of your community.

Key Features:

  1. Telegram Integration:

    • Seamlessly integrate the bot into any Telegram group, making it an essential tool for community managers and traders alike.

  2. Customizable Alerts:

    • Personalize notifications with custom GIFs, emojis, and titles to match the tone and branding of your group.

  3. Configurable Group URL:

    • Include your group's URL in notifications, driving engagement and making it easy for new members to find and join your community.

  4. Minimum Buy Threshold:

    • Set a minimum buy amount to trigger notifications, ensuring that only significant trades capture your group's attention.

  5. Chart Preferences:

    • Choose your preferred chart source from leading platforms like DexScreener, Extolls, and Gecko Terminal, tailoring the market insights to your group's preferences.

  6. Referral Wallet Integration:

    • A standout feature of the bot is the ability to set a referral wallet in the settings. This unique function embeds a referral link directly into the bot's notifications.

  7. Multi-Chain Support:

    • The bot operates across 8 blockchain networks, ensuring comprehensive market coverage and inclusivity for various crypto assets.

Unique Income Opportunity:

What sets the HotKeySwap Buy Notification Bot apart is its built-in referral system within the direct link to our Telegram DEX. By setting a wallet address in the bot's settings, users can receive 30% of the trading fees generated from trades initiated through the bot's notifications. This creates an additional revenue stream for group admins and influencers, incentivizing the growth and engagement of your trading community.

How It Works:

  • Invite the Bot: Add the Buy Notification Bot to your Telegram group.

  • Customize Settings: Tailor the bot's features to align with your group's needs and identity.

  • Set Referral Wallet: Input your wallet address to start earning from referral fees.

  • Engage Your Community: Watch as the bot delivers timely buy alerts, fostering interaction and discussion within your group.

The HotKeySwap Buy Notification Bot is more than just a tool for alerts; it's a comprehensive solution designed to engage, inform, and reward your trading community. With its unique referral feature, it not only enhances the group experience but also offers a novel way to generate income, making it an invaluable asset for any Telegram-based trading community.

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This page introduces the HotKeySwap Buy Notification Bot, highlighting its features, customization options, and the unique income opportunity it presents through its referral system, positioning it as a must-have tool for Telegram trading communities.

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